It's All Here.  The Book, the Study, the Videos!

  • How to overcome loss, fear, and disappointment in your marriage.
  • How to reignite your marital passion.
  • How to recapture your husband’s heart.
  • How to influence your husband.
  • When to follow your husband's leading and when not to.
  • When to keep your mouth shut and when to open it.
  • When to share your heart and when to let the Lord deal with your man.
  • How much power you really have even though you're not the head of the home.
  • How to be a Godly wife in spite of your past or your present circumstances.

Wives of the Bible by Jolene Engle, was such a fantastic read for me! As a current wife, I found this book to shine new insights on being a wife and the woman that my husband needs me to be for him. Not only does the author choose a versatile combination of women from the bible, she also pulls such incredible and deep insights from each of these women that I would have never thought of!


I found this book to be highly educational and encouraging. After reading, I feel even more equipped to handle my marriage in today's world.  Highly recommend for any woman, single or married!

I do highly recommend this study and will pass it on to new brides and old-God's not finished with me yet so I can always learn more. I just wish I had this book in my early marriage to avoid some of the traps we all go thorough in discovering who we are and our husbands.

-M. Cole

I am what Mrs. Engle would call a wife-in-training. I read this book and was convicted and encouraged at the same time. The one wife I could really relate to was Leah. She was unloved and unwanted by her husband, I am unloved and unwanted by my father. I love the way Mrs. Engle writes and how she seems like a friend sitting by my side trying to mentor me. Thank you for this awesome book, Mrs. Engle!

-L. Kramer

I'm a wife of 3 years. Along the way we have faced many trials, life's disappointments have taken their toll on my husband and I. I strive to be a godly wife but never had a godly wife to emulate. This book has been a great inspiration to me. I have learned so many things about myself along the way. I will continue to apply these lessons to my marriage and my life.


I found this to be so helpful applying the principles to my daily modern life. The chapters are short and easy to read even in a busy life! I love how Jolene writes!! Very enjoyable to read! Highly recommend this to anyone that wants to learn more from the bible, about the bible and how to improve your marriage!!

-Mrs. T.

By far the best bible study I have read yet. It's interesting and goes into very good detail. I won't be reading this just once and I'll be sure to pass it along. I absolutely love the study guide. Thank you Jolene.


This is a great book and an awesome bible study to do alone or in a group. I have really enjoyed it and have learned a lot!


5 stars for the truths that are shared in this study. The scriptures were so encouraging. Thank you for writing this bible study!!

Laurel L.